Our Work

We collaborated with givers to help Christian ministries grow and more fully achieve their God-given mission by offering teaching, coaching, consulting, and matching grants rooted in a biblical approach to fundraising – all at no cost to ministries.

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Matching Grants

“I think the most profound lesson for us is to discover that fundraising is an act of discipleship just as other parts of our ministry are.”

Our Why

We want to see lives transformed for Christ and “the giving of thanks to abound to the glory of God.” (2 Corinthians 4:15) When Christian ministries embrace a biblical approach to fundraising, they engage God’s people more completely and fulfill their God-given mission – and together, givers and ministries are transforming their communities.

National Resource Center

  • Dan Davis
    Dan Davis
    President & Chief Executive Officer
  • David Brownlee
    David Brownlee
    Chief Operating Officer
  • Steve Reiff
    Steve Reiff
    Chief Strategy & Technology Officer
  • Kirk Layton
    Kirk Layton
    Chief Financial Officer
  • Trent Combs
    Trent Combs
    Senior Vice President of Field Operations
  • Tracy Nordyke
    Tracy Nordyke
    Vice President of Training and Curriculum Development
  • Scott Harris
    Scott Harris
    Vice President of Church and Global Engagement
  • Randy Butler
    Randy Butler
    Vice President of Church and Local Community Engagement
  • Josh Wren
    Josh Wren
    Vice President, Regional Director
  • Maria Zalesky
    Maria Zalesky
    National Director of Partner Development
  • Brenda Waggoner
    Brenda Waggoner
    Project Coordinator for Field Operations
  • Katie Matheny
    Katie Matheny
    Director of Field Resources
  • Karla Roe
    Karla Roe
    Community Coordinator for Field Operations
  • Kristina Barry
    Kristina Barry
    Community Development and Executive Assistant
  • Bo Lane
    Bo Lane
    Creative Director
  • Tod Birdsall
    Tod Birdsall
    Software Developer
  • Caleb Crider
    Caleb Crider
    Director of Program Innovation
  • Danny Rohrdanz
    Danny Rohrdanz
    Digital Program Director
  • Mackenzie Hopkins
    Mackenzie Hopkins
    Administrative Specialist for Field Operations

Board of Directors

  • Dale Stockamp
    Dale Stockamp
  • Steve Perry
    Steve Perry
  • Gail Stockamp
    Gail Stockamp
  • Brad Edson
    Brad Edson
  • Kevin Beckett
    Kevin Beckett

Board Emeritus

  • Ron Post
    Ron Post